Tuesday, September 2, 2014

#Reflective Teaching, Day 2:

Technology is everywhere. It runs our lives, and in many cases makes it so that our lives practically run themselves. Our students grew up in the digital age; many of them have virtually no concept of a world without smartphones or wifi. They are used to having their information paired with entertainment. That brings up the interesting dilemma in the classroom - how do we teach our children in this new digital age? We need to teach both content AND skills, but this includes teaching students how to effectively function both with and without technology at their fingertips. 

The reflective prompt for the day involves asking what piece of technology I would most like to include this year, and why. I have been very fortunate to have worked at a site that has made technology available to me, and our new principal is pushing educational technology even further to the forefront. I have been working with an ipad for several years, and recently added an apple tv/big screen tv combo in my classroom. I absolutely love my ipad, but most of my usage has been either personal or professional. This year I really want to figure out how to use it to truly enhance my teaching. I feel like my ipad usage in my classroom tends to center around things that I can do just as easily with my laptop. So, what can I do to embed my ipad usage more dynamically in the classroom? What powers can I unleash? 

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